Guangzhou Zhujiang wood industry project

       Project is located in guangzhou panyu district groundmass shigang town west chung, panyu city south bridge and looking eastward across the pearl river water scenery. It is located in the geographical center of sui Hong Kong and Macao. Total project covers an area of 50631.64 square meters, a total construction area of 300000 square meters, including commercial construction area of 53600 square meters, serviced apartment building area of 49400 square meters, office building area of 20500 square meters, housing construction area of 100000 square meters, now the industrial workshop, park in enterprise respectively are: the driving school, logistics, warehousing, household design company office, badminton hall, production-oriented factories, etc.

       This project will result in the urban experience type leisure consumption area with the theme of education training for youth culture. It features art education training, in order to leisure business as the carrier, blend in art business park, experience in the leisure culture, so as to realize the organic combination of culture and the market, promote the industrialization development of culture and education. Unique education training orientation and strong artistic landscape, on the one hand, can promote the development of local leisure tourism industry in panyu, and promote the tertiary industry; On the other hand, by means of communication, we can enhance the perception of panyu, enrich the cultural connotation of panyu image, and become the education image card of guangzhou region.

       Project to build a panyu city, benchmarking influence special complex projects, aims to provide citizens with a high quality of the place to live, provide a more convenient platform for the life, one is full of amorous feelings of modern urban communities.